Ingin Menjadi Bagian Dari Pengurus Pusat Sahabat UMKM?

Ingin bergabung menjadi bagian dari pengurus komunitas Sociopreneur yang menumbuh kembangkan pelaku UMKM di Indonesia?

Komunitas Sahabat UMKM membutuhkan sosok Sahabat baru untuk menjadi PARTNERSHIP MANAGER dalam Badan Pengurus Pusat kami.

- Create a systematic, process-driven approach to partner outreach and relationships management
- Research partners, identify key players and generate interest
- Collaborate with Senior Management and other marketing teammates to align internal goals with new existing partner relationships
- Negotiate and finalize deals in accordance with company's contract guidelines and policies
- Forecast, measure, and report the results of various projects with partners
- Keep a great ongoing relationships with current partners and offer new ways to grow the partnership
- Operate as trusted advisor to both of your new and existing partners and unlock all the opportunities
- Ensure all activity are complied with company's policy
- Generate and maintain strategy mapping and priority setting on potential business partners
- Provide high level customer service to meet and retain monthly partner target

- Excellent organizational and time management skills
- Strategic thinker
- Networking aptitude
- Sense of urgency and responsibility, meets deadlines; action-oriented and entrepreneurial
- Flexible works style; ability to multitask and work under pressure, detail oriented
- Strong networking relations
- 3-5 years experience in business matters and partnership building (with both government and public/private companies)

Jika merasa memenuhi REQUIREMENTS di atas dan ingin menjadi bagian dari pengurus komunitas kami, silakan kirimkan CV Anda melalui e-mail dengan Subject: PARTNERSHIP MANAGER ke:
[email protected]

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